Price Matching

Shirley's Wig Shoppe will price match authorized US online retailers. Some exclusions may apply.

Send price matching requests to: Please be sure to include a link to the product you'd like us to price match, the brand, style and color.

Guidelines & Exclusions:

  • We will price match items that are the same style and color.
  • Sale prices must be current and listed on our competitor's website.
  • Product must be listed as in stock. Out of stock products will not qualify.
  • Retailer must be an authorized online store
  • We cannot price match clearance, out of box, closeout, or discontinued products
  • We cannot price match white labeled products.
  • We cannot price match products shown during lives on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.
  • BOGO offers are excluded from price matching.

Price matching may be denied if prices fall below the manufacturer's pricing guidelines.