One of the most popular questions we get is how do I wear turbans?

We have teamed up with our favorite stylist to show you the multiple ways you can wear our versatile Tube Turbans. 

Wear it Boho Style 

The 70's are back!✌️Wear it across your forehead for a trendy , effortlessly look! We find this way to be really easy to wear a turban! Especially if you have bangs!  Don't you love the look of our American Tube Turban?

Girl wearing tube turban

Wear it Like a Traditional Headband

On the 3rd day of dry shampoo or just want a cute decorative hair piece for a lunch date? Feel free to wear your hair down and let this turban keep your hair at bay. The moisture wicking fabric will not only keep moisture at bay, but the soft fabric will leave you headache free. We have so many styles and patterns of these Tube Turbans. 

girl wearing tube turban

Wear With Your Hair Up

Whether your working on or on the go, use our Tube Turbans as a decorative piece for wearing your hair up. Our Tube Turbans add that little extra something missing with a normal ponytail, braid or bun!

girl wearing tube turban with hair up
girl wearing tube turban with hair up

Wear As a Scarf

Not many people realize that our Tube Turbans make great accessories as well! Cold winter day❄️ or a cool summer🌸 night move this beautiful piece from a headband to a trendy scarf. 

girl wearing tube turban as scarf

Wear It As a Hair Tie or Scrunchie

Want to pull your hair back completely? No problem! Use our Tube Turbans as a hair tie. 

Enjoy our Tube Turbans as a scrunchies! Just wrap around your wrist for a decorative piece or use as a hair tie in your hair! Either way you want to wear our Tube Turbans are perfect! Also, if you are looking for scrunchies we do have a ton listed on our scrunchies collection. 

girl wearing tube turban in hair
girl wearing scrunchie as hair tie


Wear it as a face mask

We can all agree that COVID-19 turned the world upside down. These amazing Tube Turbans can also be worn as a face covering. It's so comfy and machine washable.