Shirley's Wig Shoppe Exchange Policy

Please email customer service within 5 business days of delivery of your order if you would like to exchange your wig for the same style in a different color.

Send your email to:

Include the following information:

  • 5-digit Order Number or Name and Email Address order was placed under.
  • Reason For Exchange Request
  • Wig Name, Brand, and Color
  • The color you'd like to exchange for

Exchanges must meet the following requirements:

  1. Exchanges are for color choice only. We will exchange for the same style in a different color. If the color price is higher, the customer must pay any balance due. If the color price is less, a refund will be issued in the form of a store credit only.
  2. Only 1 exchange is allowed per order. If you have already exchanged a wig, we will not approve an exchange for the exchanged style. You can request a return if you're unhappy with your exchange.
  3. You have contacted us within 7 business days from the date of order delivery. 
  4. The item is postmarked by the date that you were given by customer service.
  5. Product is in factory condition. This means all tags and labels must remain factory attached, and item is in its original packaging.
  6. Product must be unworn. The only exception is for trying on. If you do try on, please wear a wig cap. 
  7. Products must not be altered in any way, be undamaged and free of odors. Do not shake out, brush, or style the hair. Product must remain free of any styling products. Wigs & Toppers can pick up smells very easily. Please be aware of placing them near perfumes, fabric softener, air fresheners, smoke, kitchen while cooking, etc.
  8. Items must be shipped back in a shipping box. Products shipped back in envelopes, bubble mailers, etc. will be automatically denied for return.

 Excessive exchange requests may be denied.

Shirley's Wig Shoppe reserves the right to update our policies at any time without prior notice.