Order Cancellations

ShirleysWigShoppe.com does not offer an order cancellation window. 

An automated system has been put in place at ShirleysWigShoppe.com that begins processing your order the moment you finish checkout. We have adopted this new system to help cut costs on our end so we can continue to offer low prices to customers in our store. We could not set up this system and maintain a loose order cancellation policy.  

This system benefits most of our customers two ways:  

1) Your orders will be processed that much faster.
2) It keep our expenses down so we can continue to offer excellent discounts to our customers. 

Keep in mind: "Unfulfilled" is not an indication that you can modify the order. We know that can be confusing, so here's a break-down for you. Processing begins almost immediately in our store, but you won't see that on your end until we ship the product to you. Because of this, this rule applies to ALL ORDERS, regardless of whether or not you've received tracking yet.