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Coconut silver blonde

I love this color!! It doesn't disappoint as all other colors and styles! Love them all!

Love this wig!

Trend by TressAllure is my favorite wig. I have 4 or 5 of them (I’ve lost count). The bangs are so versatile; you can wear them down, brush to the side or pull back for a really cute look!

Love Brooklyn!

When I received this wig I kind of thought it was a bit much. After trying it on and then wearing it. I absolutely love it!!

Too small

Too small doesn’t fit down around my ears. Disappointing. Bought two Belle Tress wigs and both are like this. Can’t wear either of them 😩 Expensive lesson learned for me I have to try on before I purchase! Or I have to purchase with a return policy!

Too small

Both Belle tresse wigs I bought are too small for my head. They don’t come down far enough by the ears. I can’t wear them. I’m bummed out. Especially knowing I can’t return them for a refund. Lesson learned not to buy something without trying it on first 😩

Sangria is the perfect color for Autumn

I have brown eyes and so I love this color. I am really enjoying it now that it's Autumn and I get a ton of compliments on it. It's got a nice root and the rich jewel tone is very flattering.

Nutella Buttercream Color by Belle Tress | Café Collection Discontinued Color | Styles Available

Graphite color in Belle Tress wig collection.

I love the color! Is incredible they discontinued it. I always check for greys in other collections but it is almost nonexistent. I’am going to try and order some more.

silk spray

This is so good to keep your hair looking so healthy giving it moisture !

cool flow iron

This is the best for synthetic hair , i love this one and so easy works fantastic !

marion rene of paris

gorgeous beautiful colores blondes mixed i just love her . Very versital , i straightened her love her more that way

Love This Long Beach Wave Style

There's so much that I love about Verona, I don't know where to begin. The monofilament top gives unlimited parting options. The lace front is beautifully done; hand-tied with small knots. The lace is nearly invisible and perfect for all skin tones. The long front fringe compliments your face shape, as does the long beach wave style.

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Dolce and Dolce 23 coconut silver blonde

Very pretty color with a lot of compliments!


Love this wig! The style is easy and flattering. In my opinion a throw and go wig. Like all wigs, you may have to play with her a little to make her your own, but she was pretty close to perfect right out of the box. I got her in Cappuccino with Cherry, which is now discontinued (but you can still get it on clearance). A dark color for sure, but if you are like me and your natural hair color is dark brown to soft black, this color will not disappoint. It does have some dimension. I didn't find the knotting on the lace front overly harsh as it is on some dark wigs. I give her a thumbs up for sure!

Alessandra by Jon Reneau

Just received Alessandra by Jon Reneau in the cascading color Midnight. She is just stunning 😍
The color is exactly what I wanted. Fibers are wonderful and the movement if great. The cap is very comfortable. She is another great piece by Jon Reneau

Best wig quality

The wigs I’ve purchased are amazing and the best quality. Very pleased with each and every purchase and this one is no different

Wig wax

I love the TressAllure wig wax. It’s the best highly recommended!

Love The Style, Except The Mono Crown

I am not a fan of mono crowns. I think most wig wearers desire a long part rather than a small circle of monofilament at the crown. This is why I gave 3 stars. Otherwise, I absolutely love this style. I like the way the bangs lay against the forehead. The synthetic fiber is quality, and moves beautifully, like human hair.

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Love The Face Framing Layers

I really like the layers and length of Blair. The layers flatter the face. The synthetic fiber looks and moves like human hair. Mine is in color Icy Oak-SR, which is a gorgeous brunette shade, and not shiny. Very pretty "girl next door" style.

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I Love Vamp So Much That I Have Two!!

I love the Vamp wig so much that I have two! I have one in color Butternut, which a rooted blonde, and Champagne, which is a light blonde. My boyfriend loves this wig. He says it looks beautiful and real...real due to light density, the well done lace front, and the part, which looks like a natural hair part. The cap is comfortable. The quality is first class at an affordable price.

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What A Romantic, Gorgeous Style

What's not to love about this 22" long style made of romantic curls, a full monofilament top (for unlimited parting options), and a perfect lace front? Camellia is dream hair. Mine is in color Cola With Cherry, which is a dark, rich and beautiful brunette color.

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Sleek Long Bob With Thick Density

What surprised me most about Ground Theory was the thick density. It weighs 5.7 ounces, which is a weight common for 20" long wigs. This tells you the remarkable density and coverage you receive from this long bob! The straight style with curled under nape is polished and lovely. The lace front and mono part is nicely done. My color is Chocolate With Caramel, which is a rich brunette color....so pretty!

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22" Long Wavy Style Is To-Die-For

The long waves of this style are so flattering. The lace front does not require glue; it lays down perfectly. I like the center mono part, which is right on trend. Nitro 22 can go from glamorous to bohemian depending on your fashion. I love it! Mine is in color Cookies N Cream Blonde.....I like how the tips are light blonde. It looks like an expensive salon dye.

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****, Long, Layered Style

When you wear Pure Honey, you are going to get attention. This 22" long style has layering and voluptuous waves that move beautifully. I have the color Champagne With Apple Pie, which is a favorite Belle Tress blonde color. It's "blonde bombshell beautiful"! The lace front is nearly invisible and lays flat. I love the mono top which gives me the option to part this wig in any direction. Love, love, love.

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5-Star Wig - Best Long Style

My love for the Dolce & Dolce 23 wig can be summed up with two words - NATURAL-LOOKING. The moment I took the wig out of the box, I was infatuated. It literally is ready to wear out of the box. The color I got - Butterbeer Blonde - is one of the most beautiful rooted blonde colors. No one will know you are wearing a wig with this exceptional style. You will not regret this purchase.

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