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Awesome wig

This is a beautiful wig, I just love the Long Beach waves, golden wheat is the color I’ve been looking and this color did not disappoint absolutely perfect,I ordered two💕

Cute style

I was so excited to get this style in Caramel Blonde R. However, I found that my particular wig is a bit darker than others in this shade. (Not happy about that) I decided to keep it since I like the style & my daughter actually likes it on me. Fits my 21” head well.

Lovely wig, lovely color, but probably not the best for this young? senior

This is the hair I wanted but never had and when I saw it I thought for sure it was exactly what I needed and it was even on sale! Well, I don't look as I thought I would , but in fairness to Amber Rock, I wasn't feeling well when I received it. So I put it away for the time being, and will try again when I feel better and have makeup on. High hopes for Miss Amber on a beach vacation:)

Worth the wait!

I have the Dalgona 16 in Sumptuous Strawberry, so I know I love it. And I have a few styles in the Butterbeer Blonde. I love the wig and I love the color. The only thing is that it took so k forever for the wig to get to me because it wasn’t in stock. I was not aware until after I purchased it. Although it took a long time to get it, it’s a Babe and I love this wig! The shop did contact me fairly quick to let me know that it was on back order.

Love the new Bell Tress Montecito

Another winner for Bell Tress .
Montecito is great right out of the box . Hope to buy another soon.

Morning Storm hits home!

Great little piece that has bangs and movement. Short style that I love.

Love Shirley’s wigs

I have never been disappointed, I’m very happy with my last purchase as my first and all in between 😊 I only purchase wigs from Shirley,

Love Los Angeles

The style is adorable and finally I have found a Belle Tress color I love. I will definitely buy more of this collection. Shirley’s Wig Shoppe provided an awesome experience. Overall just a perfect experience.

Calabasas in Sienna Spice 🧡

I love Calabasas so much this is my second one. First one was in Caramel Blonde-R this one is in the beautiful color Sienna Spice. I have this color in 2 other wigs and this time I would say the color is more blended and overall a tad subtler than my Newport or Malibu. I love the density and how close to the head she lays on top ( no permatease) Plenty of hair… light to medium density. The nape is 7” and the same length all the way around…light layering and she has long fringe/bangs that are very flattering. The lace front and mono part are done well..maybe a tad denser than my other Calabasas but still very nice. This casual style is that non style that looks like you didn’t do anything to your hair but looks perfectly put together anyway..lol She has heat friendly fibers so every other wear I use my hot comb on the ends to smooth her back out. These fibers look like real hair. Shirley’s prices are excellent and like always Customer service was super fast 🩷

Gala wig

I love the fit and comfort of this wig. The color is a little dull but that's on me not knowing the colors all that well. Overall it's a great wig for the price point.

Perfect right out of the box

I love this wig! It's comfortable to wear all day at work. I didn't have to alter it in anyway. I just love it!


The wig was a beautiful color, but the bangs were so frizzy and cheap looking. I returned it

Absolutely beautiful style and color !

Panache wavez

The fibers are soft the color is amazing. Almost like a lilac silver. The only thing is the front keeps falling in my face and I will need to work with that. I highly recommended this wig.

Beautiful Curls !

Panache Wavez is such a flattering wig for any face. The curl pattern is so soft and delicate and just flies the right way. It’s such a beautiful piece !


Deep Galaxy makes me feel like a Rock Star ⭐️. The colors are very vibrant & the fibers are amazingly silky too!!!! Thanks Shirley & her Crew!!!

Alva in Deep Galaxy

The color DEEP GALAXY is fun and **** all in one!!! Shirley’s Wig Shoppe always get my orders right out. Love 💕 Shirley’s Wig Shoppe!

Not crazy about it because it's a little flat on top

18" Straight Jon Renau Toppere

I absolutely love this topper. It is light weight but covers my hair beautifully. I love the fact that it is hand tied and since they are not heat friendly, they last a considerable amount longer. My other go too is the wavy #6005 by Jon Renau. It has a lot more hair on top, however but again the coverage is very good.

Love Zeal

I think this is the only wig I have ever purchased that just looked perfect straight from its box.
The cut is adorable and the bangs needed no work.
I have always loved Noriko and Rene of Paris.

I’m going to have Malinda layer and thin it for me

Casual Mid-Length Perfection

Calabasas in Caramel Blonde-R is about as realistic you can get in a synthetic wig…I’ve been wearing wigs exclusively for several years and at this point have about seen and tried it all..lol I’ll tell you what I love about this style..the length long enough and the same length all the way around ( the nape is 7”) the density I would say is light to medium ( so no wefts are going to show if you put her in a half up/half down updo) There is no permatease ( so if you pat the top of your head you will only feel your head) In lieu of permatease BT has used short straight hair fibers at the base of the cap to cover up wefts. Pretty ingenious and gives her such a natural close to the head profile. There is a longer fringe that cups my face (for reference I have a 7.5” face length ) and light layering all throughout just gives her nice movement. The Velcro adjusters ( new for BT) gives a more supportive fit on my 21” head circumference) For me the extended exquisitely done lace front and left mono part ( that extends to the crown ) is what puts her over the top and makes her so natural looking. This color Caramel Blonde-R ( perfectly named imo 😉) is a warm medium to dark blonde with a light/medium warm brown root. I couldn’t be happier. Shirley’s Wig Shoppe has excellent customer service and speedy delivery…bravo! 👏🏻👏🏻♥️

I like it a lot

My wig band is good, ty

The best wig retailer online

Shirley and staff are just delightful! Prices and selection are amazing. Frequent sales, and Facebook lives, amazing app